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Solar energy is fast becoming an attractive energy option for many people. Our affordable solar products can make a huge difference to the environment and to your bank account!

Solar energy is not only safe for the planet, it is a cost effective way for households to generate their own electricity. Green Light Solar has a range of solar products in Hallam to help you save money and live a cleaner more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We offer solar panels, hot water systems, skylights, and much more.

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Green Light Solar has a great range of solar energy equipment to help you save money and reduce the emissions of your home. We carry many different solar products, including:

  • Solar electricity
  • Solar hot water
  • Energy efficient products

Our products are made from quality materials that will help you harvest the sun's natural energy for years to come with little maintenance.

Speak to us about how you can save money and protect the environment.


At Green Light Solar, our staff are passionate about helping you understand how you can save on your energy costs and minimise your personal carbon footprint, helping to reduce the effect of global warming.

Talk to our friendly team about our selection of solar products in Hallam that can save energy, save money, and help save the planet. Call us today!